Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to invoke JavaScript in JMeter?

A colleague complained that there is little documentation about how to invoke JavaScript in JMeter. Specifically, his problem was about how to use the session ID to compute a value to be passed to the server. After playing with JMeter for an hour, we managed to figure it out. This is how it works:

Since the session ID (JSESSIONID) is set as a cookie, we only need to figure how to retrieve the cookie in JMeter and pass it to the JavaScript. The first step is to enable cookies in JMeter so that they are accessible by using variables. In jmeter.properties, set CookieManager.save.cookie=true.

Next, make sure you add a HTTP Cookie Manager to your Thread Group. Add a BSF PostProcessor and write your JavaScript in the text area provided. You can also externalize your script to a file and specify the file name in the text field above the text area. You can access the JSESSIONID cookie this way:
var sid = "${COOKIE_JSESSIONID}";

To invoke a JavaScript function and set the return value as a variable:
var val = compute(sid);
vars.put("someKey", val);

You can access the value later as ${someKey}.

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